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"We'll be at a $7.2M by the end of the year, couldn't have done it without your help!"

Ciaran H.
Direct-response marketer & agency owner

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Generated $38k in sales for a client... I made $7.6k commission
I already knew Shiv's PCM model was amazing and today I got proof.

Last month I wrote a promo for a client that generated $38k in sales.
My commission was 20% so I made $7,600 from one client!

If I tried asking for this amount of money without using the PCM model clients probably would look at me like I'm insane. I want to thank Shiv and the team for helping me out. You guys are amazing.
Freelance copywriter
$21,021 generated in 6 days - 15% commission pay out!
Here's a win! Title says it all. Did a recent promotion. $21,021 generated in about 6 days.

My commission pay out was 15% - so about

Shiv's help and "customer service" have
FAR EXCEEDED my expectations.

It's been insane and better than anything I've ever experienced.
Freelance copywriter
$9,451.91 in scalable copywriting income in only 6 weeks
I'm excited to share that my total copywriting commission for promos in the last 6 weeks or so is $9,451.91. My clients have been loving my work too.

Big shoutout to Shiv and his team for their help detaching my income from my time! 
Freelance copywriter & expert consultant
Just hit $17.5/mo with Shiv's help
I’ve just hit $17.5k/mo in my copywriting business… all because my copy - using Shiv's PCM model - is helping me generate massive ROIs for my clients.

I can’t thank Shiv enough.
Copywriter, consultant, and expert coach
Generated $30k for my client... and $6k in extra monthly income for me
Hey, I just want to say thank you for all the support!

I managed to pull $30K in sales out of thin air inside 5 days.

With our commission split that's $6k for me in extra monthly income, for work I did in just a few days.

Shoutout to Shiv and the PCM staff!
Freelance copywriter
Clients pay me more for doing far less work!
Working with Shiv and his team has been amazing.

Thanks to Shiv,
clients pay me more money for doing far less work, and they still thank me for it!

As a father of 2, I'm extremely grateful to Shiv for providing me with a way to take care of them and BE with them, instead of having to grind away to pay the bills.
Freelance copywriter
I reached $17k/mo in just 1 year
Shiv and his team have been instrumental in my success as a copywriter.

Within just 1 year
of working with them I've reached $17k/mo writing for some incredible clients.
Freelance copywriter
Single best investment I've made as a copywriter - I'm making $15.5k/mo
I've gone from charging $0.02 per word on Upwork… to making $15.5k per month! Working with Shiv has been the single best investment I’ve made in my copywriting career.
Freelance copywriter
Able to quit my job and copywrite full-time
2 months almost to the day of getting coached by Shiv and his team, and I’m putting in my 2 weeks with my job to do this full-time.

No other copywriting coaches have been able to help me do this!
Freelance copywriter
Making $7k/mo & generating millions for top industry gurus
Shiv is a rare find in this industry – a gifted coach who consistently overdelivers.

Thanks to him and his team, I’m now at $7k/mo.

And in my career I've now worked with world-famous self-improvement gurus and large agencies, generating millions of dollars for them.
Freelance copywriter
$9k months as a 'digital nomad'... a life long dream
I’ve been able to reach $9k months, and I spent the last year in Central America doing the whole ‘digital nomad’ thing, which has always been a lifelong dream of mine.

I would never had the financial strength to do this without Shiv’s help.
Freelance copywriter
Just broken $10k/mo thanks to Shiv
Just broken $10k/mo thanks to Shiv's amazing coaching.

It would have taken me years to get to this point on my own.

I can’t thank you enough for your guidance!
Freelance copywriter
Shiv is a brilliant coach. But you don't have to take my word for it, or his. Just look to his student success stories.
Roy Furr
One of the world's best direct-response marketers
One of the best coaches in our industry. Shiv has a long and proven track-record of student successes behind him.
John McIntyre
Founder of Drop Dead Copy & the Email Marketing Podcast
Shiv is the real deal. And as someone who refuses to endorse almost anyone... if you work with Shiv, he'll have your back.
Daniel Throssell
Australia's top copywriter and world-leading marketer
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